Water Management System

WaterGrid – Solution for Water Management

As the world advances towards home automation, SINCGRID is setting up a new milestone by introducing WaterGrid. WaterGrid is a simple solution to prevent tanks from overflowing while enabling auto control of the water motor rather than switching motor ON/OFF manually.


Following are the advantages of WaterGrid

    1. Time scheduling of Motor control once enabled the motor will switch ON/OFF based on the availability of water.
    2. A highly efficient and convenient way of filling the water tank.
    3. Prevent water overflowing.
    4. Easy installation process. Low maintenance cost.
    5. User-friendly interface.


System diagram WaterGrid

The system comprises of two units, one at the tank side and the other at the motor side. The user will just have to feed the time for motor scheduling, the device will take care of the rest on its own. As soon as the motor tank fills up completely, the motor will shut off automatically. In case, there is no water available for the motor to pump, the motor-side unit will automatically turn the motor off.

Installation of WaterGrid Units

Here is the demo interface for WaterGrid mobile application.

We request you all to provide feedback for this system.


Would you like one at your place?

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