TechSpardha2k18 – Event at NITTTR Chandigarh

Electronic Inauguration Lamp at NITTTR

“Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns” ~Edward de Bono

Techsparda2k18 , an event on 7th September 2018, organised by National Institute of Technical Teacher’s Training and Research (NITTTR) on its 51st Annual Day. It was an initiative to identify new and disruptive digital technological innovations offered at a low price for smart cities and villages.


Prof. (Dr.) Anil Sahasrabudhe lighting the lamp along with Dr. S.S. Pattnaik, Director, NITTTR


Our role in the event was during its inauguration. In the Indian Subcontinent, its considered auspicious to light a lamp before the start of an event. One of its drawbacks is its maintenance during the event is very high. Any loose article of Clothing can catch fire easily, it’s excessive burning in a closed room may cause suffocation. Inventing something which does not pose a threat at an event which is auspicious to us but at the same time preserving our culture. Electronic Inauguration Lamp was designed and developed at Centre for Electronics Design and Technology (CEDT), NSUT, under the guidance of Prof. Dhananjay.V. Gadre.  A lamp which works exactly like the conventional lamp, but does not pose a threat of a potential fire hazard. It works in almost every condition and is very reliable. It is built on a traditional lamp structure, which promotes the fusion of our new and old ideas in one product.


Dr. S. S. Pattnaik, Director, NITTTR lighting the lamp

Various dignitaries such as Prof. (Dr.) Anil Sahasrabudhe ( Chairman AICTE), Dr. K.K. Talwar ( Chairman, BOG, NITTTR, Chandigarh), Dr. S.S. Patnaik ( Director, NITTTR)  lighted the lamp and appreciated its new concept.

Mr Varun Yadav, a member of our team was also present at the event to oversee all the arrangements.

Our aim is to provide such innovative products to society.

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