Smart Street Light

The purpose of the installation of Smart street light is centralized control and monitoring its performance and providing the stability of power consumption and reduce the electricity wastage.

An ordinary street light can be converted to a smart street light only by connecting the module along with it, therefore existing street lights can be very well utilised.


The solution provides


  1. Remotely switching the streetlight on/off.
  2. Supports dimming and power management of the individual nodes.
  3. Communication node contains an embedded photosensor, auto GPS and astronomical clock.
  4. Real-time measurement of power factor, active power, frequency, current, voltage, cumulative KWh and number of lamp burning hours.
  5. Live tracking for the status of street lights.
  6. Notifications over the phone and other platforms in case of any malfunctioning of the streetlight.
  7. All the statistics are provided on a central console, which can be accessed by authorised personnel.
  8. Communication module supports LoRa communication along with GPRS/GSM.

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