Geek-A-Hertz Annual Inter School Tech-Fest 2019

GEEK </a> Hertz the annual inter-school fest was held at St. Mark’s Sr. Sec. Public School on 22nd November 2019, in which a total of 14 events took place. Mr Naveen Gupta was the in-charge of the event. 

MINICOMP Wizards (Arduino Application) is the hardware design event where students showcased various hardware-based projects. The event aims to involve the students in providing solutions using hardware and software applications. A total of 35 teams participated in this event.

Divanshu Dodeja and Varun Yadav from Sincgrid were invited to judge the MINICOMP Wizards event. The professor from NIIT University was also in the judging panel. 

The students were to be judged on the basis of 

  • Innovation 
  • Feasibility of the project 
  • Practical Usage
  • Query Handling 
  • Presentation

A variety of projects were displayed. It was observed that students are coming with out of box solutions for problems.

Three winners along with a consolation Prize were given to the following teams:-

1. The first position went to Khat Khat Taala team from St. Mark’s Sr. Sec. School. The team developed a lock system which could only be opened by tapping in a certain sequence. This was seen as a unique solution.

2. The second position went to No worries team from Gyan Mandir Public School. The team developed a system to prevent the drink and drive cases. Alcohol consumption by the driver will be sensed by the sensor, so the driver can be prevented from driving the vehicle.

3. The third position went to UTSAV team from St. Cecilia Public School. Unmanned vehicle system was developed by this team.

4. The consolation prize was given to Green Bee team from St. Mark’s Sr. Sec. School. A sensor-based system was developed to promote growth in the greenhouse.

The event ended with the prize distribution ceremony.

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