Faculty Development Program – IdeaLab – Acropolis College, Indore

Sincgrid organised a week-long workshop on PCB Fabrication and Eagle CAD at Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research, Indore. The workshop was held as a part of the Faculty Development Program on Idea-Lab between 8th to 12th November, 2021.  Acropolis Indore is a premier institute in the field of technology and research. The institute was selected by AICTE to establish AICTE-IDEALAB.

The workshop was held to involve the faculties from different disciplines such as Electronics, Mechanical, Computer Science, Civil and Management Studies. Faculties learned about the various processes involved in PCB Fabrication. In total 30 faculties were trained in PCB development. We covered the toner transfer method of PCB Fabrication. In depth detailing and hands-on activity helped faculty to gain good knowledge of the whole process. This also led to interesting discussions on application of electronics in different domains such as mechanics, computer science and civil engineering concepts.

Fabricated PCBs

Prof. Dhananjay Gadre from NSUT, Delhi demonstrated “Embedded System and IoT Applications”. Over 40 embedded systems were demonstrated with a variety of applications. The faculty thoroughly enjoyed the session. They learnt about applications of electronics in education and how to impart education using practical methods. 


The hands-on activities were praised by every faculty member. The feedback we received from the participants was positive. They have asked us to come up with more and more of such workshops. Sincgrid strives to promote practical education through such workshops.

We at Sincgrid thank the team at Acropolis College for organising the FDP, involving faculties in hands-on activities is surely going to benefit the whole education system. Special thanks to Gaurav Chaitanya sir for inviting us to conduct this hands-on activity.

Team Sincgrid with Prof. (Dr.) S.C. Sharma Director, Acropolis and IdeaLab Coordinator Gaurav Chaitanya
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